Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toys for Tots

My sister and her family decided to put on a fundraising event for Toys for Tots in honor of her son who died in October.  They decided last Thursday and found a location, but the only day available before Christmas was THIS coming Saturday! ACK!  They are having a spaghetti feed and they put out a request for items to sell in a little Christmas store with the proceeds going to Toys for Tots.  Therefore, both of my auction quilts (for the postponed auction) were sent to MN, as were these wall hangings:

I used this pattern for "Joy" banners, except I didn't piece the border.  I really like them like this-and it makes them really quick to whip up.

I also sent 18 packages of pretzel turtles and white chocolate covered pretzels.  I forgot to take a picture before I sent them off.  I did have a 'chocolate headache' a few times this week as I ate the broken ones or the ones that didn't turn out, as well as the left over chocolate.   I may not eat chocolate for at least another week!

I found this fleece Santa panel that I purchased several years ago.  I wasn't sure if I should make it in to a blanket or a wall hanging.  In the end I put a backing on it and added two 'hangers' to the back and called it a wall hanging.  If someone wanted to they could still use it as a blanket-it's small but would be fine for a young child.  I forgot to measure it before I sent it but I think it measured about 33"x45".  I love the bird backing.

I also got a little Christmas sewing of my own done.  I made a blanket/pillow combo for one of my great-nieces-I saw this lady bug fleece and just HAD to buy some.  I think a little 4 year old in MN is going to be very happy!

Friday, November 30, 2012

More Charity Sewing

I made a second rag-time quilt for a fundraiser this weekend.  Unfortunately it has been delayed again, due to the sudden death of another community member-only 35 years old.  The 2 families are quite close so those in charge of the fundraiser are otherwise occupied.  2012 has been quite a difficult year, so many young people with major health issues or who have passed.

I wasn't too sure about my fabric choices with this one, but now that it has been clipped and washed I really like it.  The animal print, pine cone print and orange are all Cabin Fever I love these rag-time quilts, so heavy and warm.  The first one I did I used batting in each square, this one I used a piece of flannel, the same size as the square.  I REALLY like it this way.  It makes it so much easier to piece the squares together as you don't have to worry about the batting peeking out and it really does make it look more 'plush'.

It's sideways and I don't have very good lighting so you will have to take my word for it that it really is nice. 

Here is a picture of the first one all clipped, washed and dried.

They measure about 56X72"-7 squares across and 9 down-perfect for curling up on the couch on these cold winter nights.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Flannel

My winter flannel quilt is quilted and bound!  and I LOVE it!  I purchased 2 different grey pieces to use as binding but neither really worked.  My cousin suggested solid black, and I really like it.  This one is going to live here, as our second quilt for these cold winter nights.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Host Gift

I went to my BIL's for Thanksgiving-it was very nice and relaxed.  They insisted I not bring anything so I picked up some GOOD beer (not lite) and brought this  little wall hanging for him and his girlfriend-she loves homemade!  I'm thinking of making a few of these for Christmas gifts.  In the future I will quilt more and I think I've finally learned how to do mitered corners.  Even though I have read many tutorials it just never clicked, but this one finally did! I can't seem to find that tutorial now, darn-but this one is pretty good too. So hopefully the next one will be better.  This is cute JoAnn tropical Santa fabric.  I also learned how to do applique, which I've never done before.  Poor K&A got my practice piece, I will have to bring them something nicer for Christmas.  I got this free pattern here.  You may need to sign up but they have some nice patterns-and they're free!  I didn't do the patchwork, I just cut strips to the correct size as I wanted to use the Santa fabric.


I also made this wall hanging and pillow for my sister's birthday next week.  I did much better on the applique on this wall hanging and I was quite pleased with my binding.  It says "Welcome to the Trabin".  They have a trailer up at a lake and they call it the trabin.  The letters blend in too much but I think she will like it anyhow.  Hmmm...I had the flash on but the pictures are dark.  This panel is from "Cabin Fever", I love that line.  This duo is packed up and on it's way to MN!


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  Time to get going on Christmas sewing-only 1 month left!
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing for Charity

I made this rag-time quilt for an auction to raise funds for a local woman who has had a stroke.  The auction has been postponed so I didn't race to clip it and wash it, but the sewing is all done.  It's 2 snowmen prints and 2 solids.  It was nice to do a bit of piecing after all those fleece blankets and pillows.


I also finished up a quick fleece pillow and blanket for my sister-in-law's birthday in December.  She loves birdhouses and I immediately thought of her when I saw this fabric.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter Flannel Quilt

I found this cute flannel fabric at JoAnn's a while back and decided it would be perfect for a quick winter quilt.  I picked up some red flannel for the back-all on sale at 50% off + an additional 30% off of entire purchase.  I was originally going to make a 'cheater quilt' with the printed fabric on the front and the red on the back but decided that that was too boring so I made one based on Amanda Jean's figgy pudding tutorial.    I didn't piece the second border, just used strips of the snowman fabric.  I think it turned out pretty cute and it was super fast.


Here's the back. I just pieced together what was left of each.  I know this is boring but since it's staying here I just sewed the two together.

I got it sandwiched and pinned last night and hope to have it quilted and bound by Sunday.  

I did another blanket/pillow combo.  This one is for my nephew who has a birthday on January 4.  He doesn't have a favorite football team but loves baseball and was quite the star player last summer.   These are both from Blizzard fleece-again on sale at JoAnn's.  I know I buy most of my fabric there, but I just can't afford $10-$13 a yard at the LQS-sure wish I could.

I'll be doing some sewing for charity this weekend in addition to finishing my flannel quilt.  We will have lots of snow and cold this weekend so it will be perfect for staying in and sewing!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A start on Christmas

I actually got a start on Christmas! And finished one January birthday gift.  I haven't decided if I'm giving the blankets or the pillows for Christmas, then the opposite for birthdays.  My little niece's birthday is January 2 so I put together these 2 for her, one for Christmas and one for her birthday.  Pretty cute and fast and easy.  When you have 8 great-nieces and nephews, 14 nieces and nephews, and 7 siblings (w spouses)  you really need to find something quick and easy!  I backed the fleece blanket in pink.

My nephew who received the Chicago Bears blanket is getting a matching pillow for Christmas.  His dad tells me that he has claimed the blanket as his favorite and drags it around the house with him at all times.

I saw this awesome fabric while waiting in the cutting line at JoAnn's and just had to buy a few yards.  I decided to make my husband a few pillow cases and also a little pillow (with envelope case).  He is away at school.  Although it doesn't really match his current bedding-he doesn't care, he loves them anyhow.


I have MUCH cleaning on schedule for this weekend, a mouse has invaded our house and I need to clean under sinks and such to get rid of all traces of the little critter(s?).  ISH!  I hate mice.  I saw kitty chasing something in the mudroom this morning, hopefully it was said mouse and we will be done with that.  Kitty is now 17+ years old and I think she retired from mousing for a bit, but she is feeling better now so hopefully she is back at work.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

A little better

I decided I wasn't quite happy with how the first envelope pillow case turned out so I made another.  This is the one I gave to the neighbor girl for taking care of my cat.  She hugged it to herself with a huge smile on her face and said "THANK YOU!".  She is such a sweetie.  I found a few other cat prints I had, I like that this one doesn't have so much of the pink pattern in it.  These cases are great-and if you only use one or two pieces of fabric would be so quick.

My friend's daughter has joined FFA and wants to do a project where she makes and sells dog collar sleeves.  She will use the money to buy a sheep to raise for fair next summer.  I whipped up these two samples last night.  The top one is a horse print scrap-doesn't really work for this but it is just a sample/template.  These are very easy to make and don't use much fabric, I think we will be having a sewing day soon to make a bunch of these for her to sell at her school and to her family/friends.

Here are Colt and Minnie modeling them.  They are very nice and stay put because their collars run through them - no tying them on and having the dogs pull them off!  They don't seem to even notice they are wearing them.  I love these!  I think all my friend's dogs are going to get one this Christmas.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thank You and Congratulations

I had a fairly productive weekend including some fabric shopping AND sewing AND I have 2 finishes!  A congratulations gift and a thank you gift.

First up is the congratulations gift for my friend who is 7 months sober!  She is a huge MT Grizzly fan so I whipped up a fleece blanket for her.  I guess this is my new 'go to' gift, especially with winter coming.  I backed it in grey fleece.

Next up is a thank you gift for my little neighbor girl who helped to take care of my cat while I was out of town.  I made a patchwork envelope pillow for her.  It's very cute and I think I will be making more of these.  I used this tutorial from Texas Cottage.  I may whip one up with a couple of fat quarters of dog fabric I have, she loves my dogs and spends her own money for dog treats for them.

I started my Christmas list and even purchased some fabric to get started.  WOOT!  I hope I can keep up this momentum. I found some great patterns and I can't wait to get started-my list is long.  I am going to start with the great-nieces & nephews and work up to the "old folks"-which, unfortunately is MY generation in our family.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New baby

We will soon be welcoming another new baby girl to our family.  My nephew and his wife are expecting in November.  They live 1200 miles away so I couldn't attend the shower, but I did make a few receiving blankets for her.  I usually make these blankets for all new babies in the family, they are quick and easy and new moms say they can never have enough.  I couldn't find any really sweet baby girl flannel, but I think they turned out pretty nice.

I just sew two pieces of flannel right sides together, leave a space to turn them right sides out and sew around the perimeter to close the gap and to give them a more finished look.  I do the same for the fleece blankets.

I sent this for the new big brother.  He and his dad are big Chicago Bears fans.  I think he will like it.

I need to quit taking pictures this way as they won't upload correctly.  Oh well, you get the idea.

Both these types of blankets are so quick and easy, and very warm!  I think I may be using fleece for Christmas gifts this year.  I thought maybe some hats or something.  

Next up-prayer squares for my grieving family.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Tough couple of weeks

My nephew suffered a head trauma a few weeks ago.  It went from his being released in a couple of days, to  needing surgery and perhaps some rehab, to his passing away.  It has been quite a blow to all of us, especially his parents and sisters.

When we thought it might 'just' be surgery and some rehab I threw together this fleece blanket.  He is (was) quite a Vikings fan.  I backed it with purple fleece.  Jo-Ann's was having a great sale, and I had a coupon so I was able to get the purple backing that I wanted rather than the wrong color that was on sale.

Adam was 6'5" tall so I used 3 1/2 yards front and back so it would be big enough to cover all of him.  I'm so sorry he isn't here to use it.  RIP sweet boy.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Triplet Quilts!

I finally finished quilts for three very special young ladies. Last November I took each girl for lunch and shopping and they each picked out the fabric and pattern they wanted.  I think they turned out pretty nice.  This is the one I just finished yesterday.  Each girl wanted their first initial-this is Tasha's.

She chose all zebra stripes, then a "pop" of color overlapping.  Her description was vague and I had a hard time figuring out a pattern-I created it myself in an Excel spreadsheet!   hmmmm it uploaded it sideways????

Here's the back, of course Josie has to help.  Again, it's sideways, not sure why.

Here's all three-delivered Thursday!

Due to being out of town for three months, too much work for 2 months, machine in the shop for 1 month, and a month of doing alterations & sewing projects for other people, oh yeah, I also made a quilt for charity last summer, it took me TEN months to finish these.  Not too bad when you think of it that way.  Many hints were dropped about how cold it was getting at night and they sure wished they had warmer blankets.  

Now that I updated my browser I can upload pictures of the the other two.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Playing Hookey!

I have taken 2 days off over the last few weeks-to pick huckleberries! I picked about gallon each time-woo hoo. It's a good thing because those are the only 2 days I got to pick this year. These ought to hold me for while.

Aren't they beautiful!

Day 1 haul

Day 2-Yum
I'm even going to share some this year-I normally hoard them.  My jam was awful last year so I don't think I'm going to try that again-I tried to make some without all that sugar-it didn't turn out well.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Easy Birthday Gifts

Recently I wanted to send a few friends/family a small gift-something quick, inexpensive and easy to send through the mail-I decided a plastic bag holder is perfect. I love mine. I've made several over the last few months, but this week I made one for my sis who has a birthday coming up.

I just use 2 fat quarters, sandwich them with low-loft batting, quilt and sew up the long side. I then add elastic to the top and bottom and add a little loop to hang it. I've given several as gifts the last few months and everyone says "I've always wanted one but never get around to buying or making one". Of course now with using our own bags we probably don't have as many plastic bags, but I still seem to accumulate plenty of them.

I also made my MIL a walker bag. I made one for my sister recently and she really likes it and says she uses it all the time so I thought my MIL might like one too.

I used this tutorial from Quilting According to Annette, but sewed up the pocket to make it 2 pockets, one large enough to put a magazine and then a smaller one, maybe for glasses or something smaller. It's really easy and fast to make.

I made both of these items Sunday afternoon in just a few hours-it's taken me longer to get them wrapped and in the mail!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Walker Bags

Another of my sisters recently had a hip replacement-she is doing great but will need to walk with a walker for a while. So, I made her this handy walker bag. She loves it and says it makes it easy to take things with her from room to room-except she can't take a glass with anything in it-hmmmmmmm maybe I should have tried to add a cup holder to it!

I used this pattern from Quilting According to Annette . My plan for today is to make another one for my MIL.

Yes, the treadmill does get used for things other than modeling sewing projects-occasionally.

This was made from fabric from my stash, I have no idea what the names are. I believe the flowered was purchased on sale at JoAnn's and the pink was purchased for a wall hanging that never got made. I used a lighter pink for the inside, I believe that was left over from the Inspiration Quilt.

Get Well Soon!

I made this quilt for my sister who recently had some health issues. My machine decided it didn't like to quilt any more and I could NOT get the bobbin tension correct, I ended up ripping out the quilting on over half the quilt and re-doing it in straight lines. Therefore, instead of receiving the quilt in October as planned, she received it in mid-December. The top turned out beautifully, but I wasn't too pleased with the quilting-but she loves it and that's what matters! I used all flannels so it would be toasty warm this winter.

I used this pattern-Shoo Fly Bed quilt, but made it smaller for a lap size and added sashing in between the columns.

I embroidered words of inspiration and also "mother" "sister" etc. in each white center piece. I love this.

Lessons learned, flannel is tough to quilt, especially when you're in a warm climate! Also, solids show all your quilting flaws. Although they also show all the great things too.

I'm happy to add that sister L is doing great and has wowed her doctors with her speedy recovery!