Friday, May 3, 2013

Raggedy Quilts

I am doing another fundraiser for our local Youth Homes this year.  I joined the Run 4 Kids team and will be running a half marathon-just days before my 52nd birthday! Every year I auction a quilt, but this year I have decided to add a bit more to the pot.  I will be adding a 2nd place quilt after selling 50 $5 tickets and a 3rd place prize after selling 70 tickets.  I will also be 'selling' other items to help me get to my goal.

I don't have the main quilt done yet, although I have a really good start.  I will post more about that as I progress.

Here are the 2 consolation prizes.  The 2nd place person will be able to choose which they prefer.  I only need to clip and wash the girly one and the boy one still needs to be pieced.

 I will also be offering this one for sale.  It features a Wilderness panel and it also needs to be clipped and washed.  Here's the link to the photos on Flickr

Have a nice weekend!
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