Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas present in a pinch

So, I was going to make a really nice wall hanging for my MIL, but Sunday night (YES, the Sunday before Chirstmas-and I had to ship across country) I was unable to find the fabric I needed for it. So, while wandering around JoAnne's I noticed the Holiday Inspirations fabric was on sale for 60% off-woo hoo! I picked up this Christmas panel-for about $3.50, spent another ~$3.50 on white fleece and put this together in about an hour.

MIL LOVES Chirstmas and decorating her house. She leaves her decorations up until March, so she will be able to enjoy it for a few months before it gets put away. I know, how cheap spending $7 and shipping on your MIL for Christmas, but, well, you have to know the family dymanics to know that it's ok. At least we remembered her!
I see I need to find better background for my pictures-geez!

Merry Christmas!

I sent these cute potholder/towel sets to my sibs and a couple of neices this year. I used the Debbie Mumm fabric from JoAnne Fabric-too cute! It wasn't too time consuming, but when you have 7 siblings and 11 adult nieces and nephews-not to mention several friends you'd like to remember, it gets to be too much! I'm going to plan ahead for next year and start sewing early so everyone gets remembered. I ran out and several folks only got a card. Not the end of the world, as we don't really exchange gifts anymore, but I'd like to send a little something along with their cards.

I believe I made 15 sets. I don't know why I thought everyone needed 2 potholders and 2 towels, I guess because that's what the tutorial said! ACK! The dogs chewed up the potholders I made for myself. Little brats. I tried to use some of what I learned about machine quilting, but I couldn't get the tension right and it kept knotting up. In the end I just sewed a cross on each. Much quicker too. I started Thanksgiving weekend, but only made 5 sets then didn't get back to it until a few weeks ago. It was fun though-wish I'd given myself more time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Crafts for kids website

I saw this great site for craft ideas for the kids. Check it out!