Friday, October 19, 2012

New baby

We will soon be welcoming another new baby girl to our family.  My nephew and his wife are expecting in November.  They live 1200 miles away so I couldn't attend the shower, but I did make a few receiving blankets for her.  I usually make these blankets for all new babies in the family, they are quick and easy and new moms say they can never have enough.  I couldn't find any really sweet baby girl flannel, but I think they turned out pretty nice.

I just sew two pieces of flannel right sides together, leave a space to turn them right sides out and sew around the perimeter to close the gap and to give them a more finished look.  I do the same for the fleece blankets.

I sent this for the new big brother.  He and his dad are big Chicago Bears fans.  I think he will like it.

I need to quit taking pictures this way as they won't upload correctly.  Oh well, you get the idea.

Both these types of blankets are so quick and easy, and very warm!  I think I may be using fleece for Christmas gifts this year.  I thought maybe some hats or something.  

Next up-prayer squares for my grieving family.

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Nicole said...

Nice blankets! And such a good idea to make one for the big brother!