Monday, April 26, 2010

Tigger is growing up!

Isn't he beautiful! He is such a terror, he plays with all the other cats and dogs in the house. I will have to video it some time-it's unbelievable.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


That's where we are.

DH thinks he's in heaven.

He caught this box fish from the dock-bliss!

New bedroom quilt

Here is the fabric stack for the quilt I'm making for our bedroom.

Here are the squares and a few strips.

This will be based loosely on this quilt.

I am going to make it a queen size and instead of the short strips I am going to use the red as sashing between all the squares. I have the triangle blocks done but I didn't take a picture before I left-I'm on vacation so the quilt isn't here with me.

Hmmmmmmmmm..........hopefully dh won't mind all the flowers! I didn't think of it until I started cutting.

I have all but about 2 feet of binding to attach to the spring quilt along quilt. I was just too busy to finish it before I left. It is so stressful getting ready for vacation, but the relaxation time once here, well worth it!