Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love these checkbook covers and purses!

I'm having a blast with these checkbook covers and purses! Great gift set.

I picked up 2 fat quarters this afternoon when I was getting the snaps. I made one coin purse and 2 checkbook covers, and have some decent sized scraps left. With snap and stabilizer less than $3 per set! I used a medium weight stabilizer on the back and I really like that, it made the checkbook cover, well, more stable. See the post below for links to the tutorials on both. Oh, and it took less than an hour to make both!

So,this set is being sent off in a birthday card.

I LOVE these fabrics. I hope P loves them too.

My goal this year is to remember all my siblings (7!) and nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews(21!). Hmmmmmm wait, that's a LOT. The first niece and nephew birthdays got store bought, but at least they were remembered. Ok, n/n's may not get hand-made, but siblings get hand made.

I have 11 months and 25 birthdays left to go this year! Not to mention various friends, and DH and IL's. I guess 2009 is going to be a crafty year!

Check these out!

I finally found some time to do a bit of sewing last night-and I mean a BIT.

I've been wanting to make these checkbook covers for a while, I think they will make great gifts. I made one for my regular account, and one for my business account to practice, but I think I will make more for gifts. Aren't they great!? Amanda Jean has a great tutorial here:

As she says "they are easy peasy" and they don't use much fabric; you can definately use fabric from your stash or scraps.

Here's one open. I did make it about a 1/4 inch wider than she says in the tutorial, and I made the pockets closer to 3" than the 2.75" she suggests. I found my checkbook flap didn't fit in the pocket otherwise, perhaps my 1/4" seam was too big?

I also made this adorable coin purse-I love this! Split Yarn has the tutorial here:

I found this through the 30 Days site-I love this site-LOTS of ideas!

I made one that matches my checkbook!

I still need to add a snap, I'm going to pick up several when I'm at the fabric store, as I plan to make lots of these. I like this little wallet too, but it is definately much more work.