Friday, September 28, 2012

Triplet Quilts!

I finally finished quilts for three very special young ladies. Last November I took each girl for lunch and shopping and they each picked out the fabric and pattern they wanted.  I think they turned out pretty nice.  This is the one I just finished yesterday.  Each girl wanted their first initial-this is Tasha's.

She chose all zebra stripes, then a "pop" of color overlapping.  Her description was vague and I had a hard time figuring out a pattern-I created it myself in an Excel spreadsheet!   hmmmm it uploaded it sideways????

Here's the back, of course Josie has to help.  Again, it's sideways, not sure why.

Here's all three-delivered Thursday!

Due to being out of town for three months, too much work for 2 months, machine in the shop for 1 month, and a month of doing alterations & sewing projects for other people, oh yeah, I also made a quilt for charity last summer, it took me TEN months to finish these.  Not too bad when you think of it that way.  Many hints were dropped about how cold it was getting at night and they sure wished they had warmer blankets.  

Now that I updated my browser I can upload pictures of the the other two.

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts "Finish it up Friday"-so glad to have this back!