Thursday, June 11, 2009

She likes monkeys!

Yup, 50+ and still crazy about monkeys. Just when I think "enough with the monkeys" I see she is wearing a pair of monkey shoes, or has given one of her grand-kids something with monkey's on it. So, for her birthday I picked up some cute monkey material, then realized I had enough for several gifts (yes, I have left overs), I don't know what I'll do with the rest of it, perhaps a fabric bowl or box.

I've been wanting to make this bed caddy for quite some time, and still plan on making one for myself, but thought it might be a nice gift. Poor sis, she got my practice one.

I based it (loosely) on a pattern purchased - cheaply- from here - sorry, I can't find the exact one, I see they now have a bed caddy pattern for free, I may try it. The one I used is called a butterfly bed caddy, but obviously I didn't do the butterfly.

One reason I haven't made one for myself is because I know the two little monsters that live with us (pictures to the right) will pull it outside and rip it up, or at the very least pull the items in it outside and tear them up. The other day I found a pair of dh's underwear in the yard, with big rips in them-good grief, after 8 months you'd think he'd learn not to leave underwear or socks on the floor-serves him right!

Anyhow, here it is, hanging on my sewing table. I think I will make the pockets bigger when I make the next one, they aren't big enough to put a magazine unless you roll it. I like the little pocket in the front, perfect for the remote on one side and reading glasses on other.

Of course I had to include a purse and coin purse in the package. I really do love these purses-I hope everyone I've sent them to does as well.

Happy Birthday Sis!