Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doll Quilt and Pillow

I made this adorable doll quilt and matching pillow/pillow case for a special little girl.

Here's the back.

Here is the quilt with matching pillow/pillowcase.

I think my 4 yo GREAT niece will love this for her dolls.

I made this totally from scraps. The fabric is flannel, I used it originally for a ragtime quilt (is that what those were called?) for another niece several years ago. I stippled this-WOOOOEEEE. Very difficult when using flannel (just an FYI). I don't think I'd ever try to machine quilt a large quilt made of flannel. I used 3.5" squares (3" finished) and it went together really quickly. Basically it's just making one square and binding it. I used a "scrappy" binding of the different fabrics in the quilt.

It measures about 12X18. The tutorial is here.
Amanda Jean used 2.5" squares, I wasn't that motivated-I used 3.5.

Yes, I know I link to her often-I love her tutorials and ideas!

A Real Quilt!

I finally finished my first "real" quilt in a very long time. Actually, it's only a lapsize so perhaps it doesn't even qualify! I used Amanda Jean's Stacked Coin tutorial-found here.

My local quilt shop only had 2 different charm packs to choose from and neither of them really worked for what I wanted - I wanted all black and white- so I cut my own rectangles. I did include some grey in there too. I wanted a lap size quilt so I used 6 strips and made them 25 long. I wish I had made it a bit longer, but I think it turned out very nice.

Here's the back. I stole Amanda Jean's idea of putting the strip on the back. I didn't do a stacked coin strip, but I used a strip of the sashing. I like it, she's correct that it does make the back much nicer.

This is the first time I've ever truly machine quilted a quilt (other than stitch in the ditch). It's supposed to be stippling, but I told my sis (the recipient) that it's more like "Tracey's Wanderings".

I was shocked how physically tiring it can be. You have to have some upper body strength! I can't imagine what it will take to do a full size quilt.

I'm anxious to get started on the next one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Grief, I'm an Idiot!

The needle was in backward! ARGH! Of course I couldn't find the manual so I had to go online to find one (I love the internet!). I kind of thought it was the needle, but I couldn't seem to put the needle in the other way-obviously I didn't try hard enough.

Anyhow, problem solved, project finished, and another project finished. I sewed more in March than I have in a long time-no pictures to show for it-but soon! (they're in my camera).

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Why does the &$%$%!!@ needle break within ten minutes of being done with a project? Then, all the other needles you have, for some reason, keep breaking the thread! ARGH! I love to sew, but honestly between tension issues and crap like this, I wonder why??????????

Ok, I'm just putting it away and buying new needles tomorrow and I'm sure I will be happy as can be.

I have actually gotten a fair amount done this month, just no pictures-yet!

Off to have pizza and beer with DH!