Friday, November 23, 2012

Host Gift

I went to my BIL's for Thanksgiving-it was very nice and relaxed.  They insisted I not bring anything so I picked up some GOOD beer (not lite) and brought this  little wall hanging for him and his girlfriend-she loves homemade!  I'm thinking of making a few of these for Christmas gifts.  In the future I will quilt more and I think I've finally learned how to do mitered corners.  Even though I have read many tutorials it just never clicked, but this one finally did! I can't seem to find that tutorial now, darn-but this one is pretty good too. So hopefully the next one will be better.  This is cute JoAnn tropical Santa fabric.  I also learned how to do applique, which I've never done before.  Poor K&A got my practice piece, I will have to bring them something nicer for Christmas.  I got this free pattern here.  You may need to sign up but they have some nice patterns-and they're free!  I didn't do the patchwork, I just cut strips to the correct size as I wanted to use the Santa fabric.


I also made this wall hanging and pillow for my sister's birthday next week.  I did much better on the applique on this wall hanging and I was quite pleased with my binding.  It says "Welcome to the Trabin".  They have a trailer up at a lake and they call it the trabin.  The letters blend in too much but I think she will like it anyhow.  Hmmm...I had the flash on but the pictures are dark.  This panel is from "Cabin Fever", I love that line.  This duo is packed up and on it's way to MN!


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  Time to get going on Christmas sewing-only 1 month left!
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