Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thinsulate not so thin

A relative of mine works at 3M-where they make Thinsulate. They can't sell any of the bolt after testing it so they give it to employees. She gave me this huge roll-I think it's about 105" long and many yards wide-it should last quite a while. Here's the roll as I tried to pull some off for the man-quilt.

Right now it is in the 2nd bathroom. It is wet ouside, I can't carry it, I have to drag it, so I needed to store it somewhere where the cats can't get to it. Since I'm here alone no one uses that bathroom. I will have to drag it out when I want to take a soak!

Not sure why they call it THINsulate.

I just googled Thinsulate to make sure that was the name of it (can't find the label) and found some really awful reveiws! "They" claim it shifts too much and is hard to quilt and is made for clothing more than for quilts. I haven't had any problems and I think I've used it for 3 full sized quilts. All I know is that it has sure saved me a LOT of money! And will continue for many quilts to come.

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