Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day Late and a Binding Short!

Well, I'm a day late for the Challenge, and not finished! I realized Sunday night that I had used the fabric I was going to use for my binding on the back of the quilt. It was too late to run out and get some fabric and I didn't have anything on hand that I liked. So I had to put it away.

I stopped and picked up some fabric for the binding after work on Monday, came home and cut it, pieced it, ironed it and sat down to pin it to the quilt. I got 2 pins in and the phone rang. It was my sister. I haven't talked to her since Christmas so a 2.5 hour conversation ensued! ACK! Although I didn't get the binding sewn on, I did get it pinned on and clipped all my ties while talking to her.

I was determined to finish tonight, but alas another phone call! This time my niece called, and an hour and a half conversation ensued. Then DH called, and another 45 min. on the phone! My ear is numb!

Anyhow, with all that talking the quilt isn't finished, but it's real close.

I don't normally spend so much time on the phone, but January has been over the top busy at work so I haven't spoken to any family-missing a quilt deadline is certainly worth catching up with those I love! Hmmmmmm.........maybe I need to do the calling next month.

Dang! The link is closed. Oh well, maybe next time. I'm not too embarrassed, it looks like 40 other people were late too!

Congratulations to all those who met their goal-AND got the results posted!

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