Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Man Quilt

My DH is off to school. He took our old quilt that is literally threadbare, with him. I decided he needed a quilt of his own. It is cold there so I needed to get it done quick! I decided on this pattern-I love this pattern. It is so easy and quick. I pieced the top and the back over the weekend. Thanks AmandaJean!

The focus fabric is from The Last Frontier line at robertkaufman.com

I'm not quite done. I am actually going to TIE it, not machine quilt. I'm not sure why, it just seems that it should be tied. My challange this week (check out Amy's Creative Side) is to get this tied, bound and MAILED.

Here is Josie helping me lay it out.

Here is Minnie and Jazzy checking it out-the only one that hasn't tried this out yet is Colt.

As I was pinning I looked over and there was Minnie sucking away! ACK! She has "issues" and sucking blankets is how she seems to sooth herself.

Minnie loves this quilt too!

Changes I made to this pattern-my stips for the pieced border are made from fat quarters and the stips measured about 11 to 12 inches. I didn't worry about them being the same length. I also made the inside and outside borders wider than the pattern called for. I wanted this to fit a queen bed. My finished quilt will be about 81"x91".

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