Saturday, April 4, 2009

Colt is such a BRAT!

We purchased a gentle lead halter for Minnie a few weeks ago, and it works so great at keeping her from pulling we decided to get Colt one as well. On my way to our walk today I stopped and picked one up for him ($15) and I decided to put it on him in the parking lot of the store rather than do it at the dog walk place in case I had to make adjustments. It fit perfectly so I left it on him and drove the ~5 minutes to the trail.

When I opened the back of the truck and went to put the leash on him the halter was dangling around his mid-section! WTF???????????? Oh I see, he CHEWED it off his neck! in 5 minutes!


I love him dearly (he's truly the funniest dog I've ever had) but I thought he was over this chewing thing. I told him I'm adding $15 to his tab. Hopefully I'll be able to somehow sew this back together.

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