Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dog Memory Quilt

I made this last summer after losing 2 beloved dogs in a short space of time. That is Minnie's behind in the bottom corner.

I had 2 dogs (Jody and Lily-cockapoo and bichon) when I met my dh. He then got a dog (husky mix) while we were on "a break". So, for the first several years we were together, we had three dogs. Jody died in 2002 at 15+ years, then Comet died unexpectedly at 11.5 years in November,2007, and Lily died in Feb 2008 at 15+ years.

It seemed very odd not having any dogs. We decided to wait a year before getting any more dogs, but my dh couldn't wait and he brought home Colt (see the side bar). It soon became apparent that Colt needed a friend (WAYYYYY too much energy!) so we brought Minnie home to keep him company. They are awesome friends, and wear each other out - thank goodness!

Anyhoooooooo......... after losing Lily last year I made a memory quilt for our dogs-as we'd had them throughout most of our relationship. As I told DH, Lily and I had been together longer than him and I!

So, here are a few pictures of the quilt.

In Memory:

My Jody:

My Lily at about 13 yo, up in the bay window:

Our Comet-dh's dog. Everyone LOVED Comet and I used to tease dh that he was quite the "dude magnet"!

Here's a poem I included on the quilt.

The backing is the red dog fabric. I love this quilt.

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