Thursday, February 12, 2009

Complete Sets

Ok, after this I'll stop with the checkbook covers and coin purses, but I've added a tissue holder! You can find the tutorial here. What a great set, and if you aren't interrupted by barking dogs, potty breaks and Grey's Anatomy-you could probably finish a complete set in 1-1 1/2 hours! They also fit inside a biggish envelope and the last set (with tissues) only cost $1.51 to mail! with a card included! Can't beat that.

I purchased a "quilters pile" (or something like that) at JoAnn's this weekend. I love the greys and blacks. I have a TON of the offwhite that I'm using for the lining, so it's nice to be using up some fabric. I shouldn't even be buying any fabric, but it's hard to resist. Especially when you have a coupon! 5 fat quarters for $6-can't beat that.

Here are 2 sets I've made this week, one inside a thank you card, and one inside a birthday card.

So, now on to bigger and better things! I need a new quilt for our bedroom, we painted it recently, and the quilt we have is several years old. I have also found some great wall hangings I'd like to do.

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