Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holiday Table Mats

I LOVE these! Tutorial here. Thanks Love Laugh Quilt. I think I may make some like she does with the fleece backing, but I also like the idea of making it two sided like this.

I think the fabrics I chose are a bit too busy, next time I'll choose some that are a bit more solid and aren't directional. They are a great first try though, and hardly took any time (or fabric!) at all. Without having to get a beverage, use the bathroom and re-wind a bobbin I could probably get a top done in 1/2 an hour, and it will be an easy "assembly line" project for Christmas gifts. One side can be Christmas, and the other just winter for the rest of the winter-or send them for Thanksgiving.

Here's the fall side:

Here's the Christmas side before I sewed it together, hmmmmmmm.......not sure why I didn't take a picture of the finished side.

I love all the great ideas and instructions you can find on the internet!

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