Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having a great summer!

Apparently, I'm too busy to post! I have been doing some sewing, but not much. When you live in the north sewing is definitely a winter hobby.

I finished the half marathon in 3 hours 4 minutes. My knee gave out about mile 6 and I had to walk the rest of the way. The last few miles were more like hobbling, but I made it.

Here is the quilt top for the quilt I raffled off. Luckily the winner is a friend and understands that it isn't done yet.

I bought all the fabric at Jo Ann fabrics and I believe it was all "Expressions" by M'Liss Rai Hawley, I forgot to check the selvege before I tossed it (that's right, I don't keep the selveges!).

These are the fabrics for the back. I was going to try to piece together a back but it would be too busy, therefore I'm going to buy another yard of the paisley circles and make it simple.

I've also been on not one, but TWO vacations this summer! As well as a Bahamian vacation in the spring. We just got back from a visit to the Oregon coast with a friend and her kids. It was amazing. The Pacific is MUCH different than the Atlantic ocean. We actually witnessed a "negative tide" the last morning we were there, but due to dealing with car trouble none of us thought to take a picture-stupid! None of us had cell service where we were staying but when we walked on the shore freed up by the tide being out, we had service! In the "middle" of the ocean! Too funny.

Here's a picture of 2 of the kids "touching" the ocean for the first time in their lives-exciting stuff!

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