Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welders caps

Earlier this spring we stopped by a place where B used to purchase welders caps. We were told the gal quit making them. I looked online but the only way to purchase was with paypal and I have 'issues' with paypal, so I took one apart and created my own pattern. Brian likes them, but they aren't quite the correct size-yet (although he wears them at work every day). If you aren't familiar with welders caps, they are worn under hard hats.

The second picture is the four hats that I made. The blue one is the first one that I made and is far too large. Surprising since B always teases that he is a big-headed B'n. The other two pics are closeups. I love the bug fabric, the other side is the same, only in green. B doesn't seem to mind walking around in a bug cap (apparently he is very comfortable with his masculinity). B requested the Sponge Bob, yes, he's a big fan. So far they are holding together pretty well, I double stitched all the seams. Perhaps I will post a tutorial on how I made them. They go together pretty quickly and you could even just use scraps to make them.

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